About the Foundation

The mission of the Foundation for the Protection of Animals is to promote responsible human interaction with animals for their protection and welfare. The Foundation strongly believes that encouraging responsible pet ownership is the key to ending the suffering of homeless animals.

The Foundation for Protection of Animals was founded by Tiffany and Bob Haugen, inspired by their beloved felines Easy, Spitfire, and Slinky.  Wendy Haugen, Bob’s daughter, works as the Director of the Foundation.

Tiffany Haugen supported her education at  University of Wisconsin Madison through a successful modeling career.  She went on to become an attorney and was very accomplished in the business world as well as many facets of the arts.  Tiffany passed away in October of 2006 after a 6 year struggle with lung cancer.

Bob Haugen funded his education at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana by working at a local dairy.  His father was a milkman.  Bob earned his PHD in Investment Theory and went on to become a chaired professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana, and University of California-Irvine.  Bob has held 3 endowed chaired professorships and has written 15 books published in 8 languages. Bob passed January 6 2013 after a 2 year battle with prostate cancer.

Wendy Haugen has been passionate about animal welfare her entire life.  She graduated with a BA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  She has worked as a veterinary assistant, an employee of the Dane County Humane Society, and a zoo keeper at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago IL.  Wendy has 10 years experience as an animal control officer in the cities of Madison, WI and Portland, OR.  She has taken several nonprofit management courses and is a member of the Association of Small Foundations.  Currently Wendy is the State Coordinator of Spay Colorado, a subsidized spay/neuter referral program.  She currently serves on the boards of The La Plata County Humane Society and United Spay Alliance.  She is active in Southwest Colorado Rural Philanthropy Days and Leadership La Plata.

Wendy has earned FEMA certification in national disaster response and has completed several hands-on courses in technical animal rescue.  She has deployed to disasters in Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and North Dakota with American Humane Association, HSUS, and the ASPCA.

Wendy lives in Durango, Colorado with several four-legged office mates.

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